Hawaiian Moving - A simple move turned into nightmare.

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Update by user Feb 12, 2013

Update number 2.After talking with David the supervisor in LA, we were told that our contract said we had a balance of 720 dollars.

We told David, that our copy of the contract did not say that. He said that his did say that. We asked him to scan and email us that copy. He agreed.

Several hours later, we called back and talked with Carlos. He told us that David didn't send the copy to us because it was not legible. SO apparently, the company doesn't keep accurate records either. Carlos said the driver here in Hawaii has the original copy.

It seems they are stalling or just do not care about their clients.

Either way, the situation gets worse every time we contact them.AND they have never contacted us.

Update by user Feb 12, 2013

Hawaiian Moving, AKA EDEN RELOCATION update.I finally was able to talk to the Hawaiian representative of this company after calling him several times this morning.

He said he was working on our shipment. I thanked him and hung up. Minutes later, he called my wife's phone to schedule delivery and informed us that we could not get our goods until we paid an ADDITIONAL $700.00. I took over the phone conversation.

I asked Gabriel for the name and number of the owner of the company, he refused to provide it.

I asked him for the name and number of his manager, again, he refused to provide it.So the latest in this saga, Hawaiian Moving and Eden Relocation are holding our goods hostage so they can collect more money.

Original review posted by user Feb 12, 2013


You will be better off using a nationally recognized mover. The few hundreds dollars we saved was quickly eaten up when this company missed it's promised delivery date by more than a MONTH.

Nicole is pleasant when you first contact them. She will be very professional and promise you things that will not happen in order to get your business.

She promised us a pick up date of Dec 17th. Instead, the goods were picked up on Dec 19th. The driver was a contract his who went to the local home depot to get his help off the corner. None of them knew how to pack. They showed up at 4:00 pm and had only 2 hours of sunlight left to pack. I had to lend them a shop light to work by as it took nearly 4 hours to pack our goods. The driver disregarded my warning about how to pull into my circle driveway. When he left, he ran over and destroyed many plants.

The initial date that we had scheduled for delivery was Jan 15th. We called several times and spoke with Carlos to ensure everything was okay. We purchased our tickets to Hawaii. (roundtrip tickets because we are only moving furniture not a relocation) Before leaving Arizona, we called Carlos again. He gave us some song and dance about the union workers at the LA port delaying the shipment. Frankly, that is not my problem. Companies who deal with unions should have contingencies to the problems faced with them. He told us that we would get our furniture on the last week of January. After arriving in Hawaii, we contacted Carlos once more, this time he said we would receive delivery the first week of February. He gave us the number to the company representative in Hawaii, Gabriel. Gabriel told us on Feb 5th that we should expect delivery on Feb 9th. That didn't happen. We have changed our return flights to the mainland once at the cost of 600 dollars. And had to extend our rental car for 3 weeks during the Pro Bowl at a cost of 2100 dollars. The price that we paid for the move was 2800 dollars. As you can see, they have already doubled my budget for moving this furniture. The place we are sending the furniture to is a small condo which we are trying to set up as a vacation rental. The tenants who arrived for a 50th wedding anniversary trip could not stay in the unit with no furniture. So we have had to rent them rooms while we wait on our shipment which is over 30 DAYS LATE. The cost of renting them a was 3800 dollars. We are returning to the mainland in a day and both Carlos and Gabriel know this. After calling them both several times, we get more song and dance. They will not accept a call from our phone numbers when they see them on caller ID. We have to borrow telephones in order to get them to answer.



NO COMMUNICATION= $6500 lost by using this company.

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